Dable – Update 1.1

As I said, I was concerned about performance and this is basicly fix for that. Also few other things got fix as well. There is still plenty of bugs, in code and in assets, but they aren’t so important ones, so I decided to leave them.


* Now city background continues seamlessly to grass areas
* Fixed healing effect
* Changed to shadow textures, now required texture size from gpu is 4096x4096
* All static entities (excluding cave) uses now static geometry
* Fullscreen antialiasing works this time
* Now is possible to start a new game after death
* Added loading screen when game is launched
* Better memory handling


Download Dable 1.1


It has been long time, when I last time participate in month’s EGP. I have been working with my very own Component-based entity system, which is still very primitive, but working. Current theme ‘Cheap Clones‘ was perfect theme to test my CBE-system.

It took whole 7-days to develop this game, and it’s still very buggy and have pretty bad performance (fixed with update). I made my own collision library with simple SAT-collision testing, but it turns out that it is so slow, that I could use that only with player, so enemies are running through walls.

Anyway, I think that this game fits perfectly to current theme, so there you have it.

Few screenshots as always:

I must give a credit to following people:

And for great music:



Original, buggy, version is also available.


Yet another EGP-game, but this time it has special reward. That’s why I was thinking something very arcade game and something very easy to play. The theme was neverending which gives me two choices. Make game, where user creates the content (like Tower of Goo) or content is generated on fly.

I would really like to create game, where user creates the content, because they are likely more fun, but I wasn’t able to get good ideas. Maybe better luck ‘next time’.

NEND is simple and addictive game where you need control ship in right track. Uses two buttons to control and blocks keeps coming faster and faster. It has title screen, which shows controls and way to get playing the game. It has music, but you can turn them off. No sound effects at all, because I think that it doesn’t need them.

Here is few screenshot from the game:

Start screen

Gameplay screenshot


  • Left & Right arrow(alternatively A, D) – Control the ship
    • Press twice left or right to jump over space
  • Enter – Restart
  • M – Mute Music
  • Esc – Quit


I strongly recommend playing with 8xFSAA and with VSync. (without VSync game bugs at begining, not bad, but still)

You can reconfigure video settings by removing ogre.cfg -file.