It was just another sunday, when I woke up at 3am and got an idea for game that is important for me, and I wanted to share that for every developer and why not for every casual player. Basic idea of Involved is creating game, but rather that giving direction which kind of game it is, player tries to create community around the work-in-progress game. As many may guess, this is my first ‘prototype’-game, but I created this as a prototype, because I wanted somekind of timeline for this project. And I’m really proud of that I really made it in time.

Because I know that many of you don’t really read README-files, I just copy the content of that file here:

 +===========================================================================+ | | | INVOLVED | | | +===========================================================================+ Involved is a game where goal is to gather as much as people as you can. Every time you 'advertise' your in-progress game you will loose a part from your own people. That's because it happens in real life. It may happen as natural disintersts for the project or people just starts to hate you, because you are shouting your project all over the internet. Also, I must remind you as a game developer that this is just one side of devel- oping games and creating community around it is just a one hard task to do. LICENCE & COPYRIGHT Because nature of SDL and it's community, many libraries are licenced with LGPL and that's why sources of this game is published at: As many may guess. I didn't make this game from ground zero and there were a lot of libraries to use and I must to thank everyone who are make my life a bit easier: SDL SDL_image SDL_mixer SDL_ttf SDL_gfx Also I pick my sound samples from 12657 Whoosh Swish 02 by mich3d 67471 m67 fragmentation grenade explosion 2 no echo by qubodup And finally my favorite place for Creative Commons music: Background music: Silence - L`autre endroit - Cellule All tags should be in place (even in sound effects). 


Finally, there is download link:
And as I promised, here is sources of the game: Sources

Edit: I almost forgot to mention controls, even though they are pretty simple:

WASD: Movement in marked area
Mouse button: Plants advertise to another community

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