Yet another EGP-game, but this time it has special reward. That’s why I was thinking something very arcade game and something very easy to play. The theme was neverending which gives me two choices. Make game, where user creates the content (like Tower of Goo) or content is generated on fly.

I would really like to create game, where user creates the content, because they are likely more fun, but I wasn’t able to get good ideas. Maybe better luck ‘next time’.

NEND is simple and addictive game where you need control ship in right track. Uses two buttons to control and blocks keeps coming faster and faster. It has title screen, which shows controls and way to get playing the game. It has music, but you can turn them off. No sound effects at all, because I think that it doesn’t need them.

Here is few screenshot from the game:

Start screen

Gameplay screenshot


  • Left & Right arrow(alternatively A, D) – Control the ship
    • Press twice left or right to jump over space
  • Enter – Restart
  • M – Mute Music
  • Esc – Quit


I strongly recommend playing with 8xFSAA and with VSync. (without VSync game bugs at begining, not bad, but still)

You can reconfigure video settings by removing ogre.cfg -file.



Published by

Teijo Mursu

Indie developer from Finland.

9 thoughts on “NEND”

  1. Perfect for the EGP! I’d figured everything out after my second death. Looks great, has great game-play… et cetera. Hope this game makes it into Babycastles!

  2. Oh.. Wow. Thanks.

    I’m a bit surprised about gameplay, because first I was planning some obstacles and jumping, but I found current gameplay very addictive and fun in sandbox testing, so I decided to leave all that and make it as simple as possible.

  3. The game crash on startup (after the Ogre option screen). I just get a “Nend.exe has stopped working” window box.

    I am running Vista SP2 Japanese version on a portable Acer with GeForce GT 130M. Contact me if you think I can help by providing more information.

  4. (Installing latest DirectX fixed the crash)

    It’s a good game! You have to be really focused on the flow to succeed. Being always on the verge of falling is quite stressful (not in a bad way – I guess Canabalt also works this way). The double-tap mechanic is a good idea.
    I scored a little above 10000 so far. :)

  5. Hey Teijo!

    One of our games fell through, so I was doing a little research on all the submissions. I’d love to put this game (NEND) up at the Manhattan arcade. It’s simple, neverending, fun to watch, get progressively difficult, I really got into the double tapping feel. Thank you for making this!

    All of the game designers at Babycastles arcade get paid from the door admission to different parties here, I’ll reach out to you about that soon. The opening party is tomorrow and NEND will be up and available to play tomorrow evening!

    Kunal / Babycastles

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